Medical System

1. General features

  • User friendly Graphical Interface
  • Applicable to GPs and specialist clinics
  • Clear & straight forward workflow
  • Short leaning curve & training requirement
  • Mature software application, tested and adopted by over 200 clinics nationwide
  • Effective training materials & user manual
  • On-line software update
  • Flexible search to retrieve patient records, charges history , MC history & etc

2. Patient Registration

  • Quick & Hassle free cash & panel patient registration
  • Quick search & registration using MyKad
  • Flexible search for existing patients
  • Support registration of family members, spouse and dependents
  • Capturing of allergies and medication history during registration
  • Patient Label printing
  • Patient card / cover printing
  • Activation and termination of patients

3. Patient Queue

  • Flexible patient search & adding into waiting queue
  • Supports multiple consultation rooms & doctors
  • Clear indication patient status in the queue (Waiting, dispensary, cashier, completed)
  • Colour coded status indication with audible alerts

4. Patient Medical Records & Prescription

  • Full view of previous visit history of the patient
  • Previous diagnosis, investigation, treatments and medications
  • Previous medical leave information & charges
  • Instant access to patient eligibility information (for panel patients)
  • Preload ICD-9 lookup table for faster diagnosis classification
  • Fast and easy entry of medication notes, diagnosis, investigation and symptoms.
  • Immunization & Antenatal schedules with related calculation tools  (Pregnancy wheel, BMI calculator & etc)
  • Flexible search of medications using drug name, trade name, popular name and etc.
  • Quick add of list of medication from pre-selected list (packages)
  • nstant drug availability status  for both locations (pharmacy & store)
  • Allergy warnings while prescribing medication<
  • Automated dosage, frequency and instruction for the selected drug
  • Flexible and automated drug price computation
  • Printing of medication labels
  • Capture & assign images from any imaging devices to the patient records
  • Create unlimited patient related documents using document designer (Referral letters, lab results etc)
  • Printing medical leave certification, attendance sheet and etc.

5. Pharmacy & Prescription

  • Option to print medication labels
  • Real time drug inventory updates
  • Allergy & expiry warnings
  • Supports bar code scanning for fast drug entry

6. Cashier

  • Comprehensive data entry of cash collection
  • Accepts cash, cheque , credit card, debit card as payment mode
  • On demand receipt printing
  • End of the day / end of the shift cash collection reports
  • Optional interface to cash register and receipt printer

7. Panel Invoice Generation & Printing

  • Automated generation of panel invoices
  • Option to generate invoices  by employees & dependants separately or combined
  • Option to generate consolidated invoice for all branches or individual invoices
  • Hassle free & Flexible editing of previous months invoices without re generating or deleting
  • Over 80 invoices formats for panel invoices. (Note : it’s is norm that each panel will defer in invoice formats. We have catered for most invoice formats required by Malaysian employers.)

8. Generation for general invoices

  • Generation of other invoices (on-call, physician visit to factory and etc)
  • Printing of general invoices

9. Rejection Entry

  • Captures claims rejected or requested amendments by the panels
  • Alerts and status for follow up actions

10. Invoices status

  • Instant and comprehensive invoice status
  • Complete history invoice amounts and amendments made

11. Payment Entry

  • Fast and easy data entry of payment received from panels
  • On demand printing of payment receipts
  • Supports credit and debit notes for adjustments. (short charged or over billed)

12. Statement of Accounts & Panel Outstanding

  • Complete history all invoices generated for panels and payment received
  • Printing of statement of accounts and outstanding list
  • Complete aging analysis

13. Communication Entry

  • Serves as notice board for users to record and communicate any important information
  • Easy reference

14. Drugs Master List

  • Complete drug information
  • Flexible classification of drugs by drug type (general drug, vaccine, poisonous, psychotropic, others)  and drug grouping
  • Assignment and linkage to preferred supplier
  • Drug information with multiple reference – trade name, popular name, chemical name and etc
  • Assignment of default cost price, selling price
  • Default minimum, maximum and reorder level
  • Assignment of default dosage, frequency, and instruction.
  • Stock balances at store and pharmacy.
  • Printing for medication bar code & general labels.
  • Tracking of drug expiry dates

15. Drug Inventory

  • Entry of received drugs from supplier
  • Receiving of drugs to multiple location (store & pharmacy)
  • Capturing of drugs batch number & expiry dates
  • Drugs movement from store to pharmacy & vice versa
  • Drugs movement between branches
  • Accurate stock taking & adjustment
  • Stock movement records
  • Alerts & reports for drug which fall into reorder level

16. Supplier Billing & Administration

  • Capturing of supplier invoices
  • Payment advise & payment entry
  • Complete supplier outstanding reports & statement of accounts

17. Other Expenses Entry & Administration

  • Entry of other expenses (e.g. payment to locum doctors, salary, rental, utilities bill and etc)
  • Supports both cash and cheque transactions
  • Generation of payment vouchers

18. Lookup & Master Information

  • Panel / Corporate Client Information
  • Comprehensive contact details (general, billing, administration & medical management)
  • Capturing of various eligibility & entitlement details
  • List of Doctors
  • List of Diagnosis
  • List of Treatments
  • List of Symptoms
  • List of Allergies
  • List of Drugs
  • List of Suppliers

19. Document Designer

  • User definable documents such as Referral letters, Lab reports and etc.
  • Full functionality inherited from popular word processing software such as Microsoft Word ™
  • Documents can be imported from other software application such as Microsoft Word™ and Excel.

20. Reports

  • Over 100 transaction & management reports
  • Listings
  • Accounts & financial reports
  • Patient Visit & Related Transactions
  • Drug & Inventory Related Reports

21. Security, Administration & Database Management

  • Unlimited number of users
  • Flexible and user definable access levels for each function & reports.
  • Active backup/restore  features

22. Additional Functions

  • SMS integration for patient reminders
  • Supports barcode scanning, label printers, barcode printers
  • Additional customization on request
  • Data migration from existing software (from other vendor)*
  • Integration to on-line claims submission
  • Integration of group clinics

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